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No other sport on the planet requires on the same level of precision and accuracy quite like the world of horse racing. Trainer, jockey and horse alike need to synchronise perfectly in order to get the best results and return to the stables with a win at the end of the day.

The same thought process also applies to punters with the slightest miscalculation potentially costing you dearly. Too often we put it down to bad luck or are willing to write off that loss by a nose as simply 'one of those days'.

What if though we could turn that around? What if the luck aspect was reduced from our betting and we could make our picks with far more certainty?

Here at formguides.com.au that is exactly our aim as we endeavour to give our clients the best possible chance at turning a profit from their bets.

Why would you trust the form guide of your betting website when they are relying on you losing to make their money?

Here we rely on our audience coming back every weekend and there's no better way to ensure that happens then by giving you the best possible form guide in Australia.

There's no use simply basing your selections on the results of the last few runs because there's so much you could skip over. Who was the jockey? What venue was it at? What were the track conditions? How long was the race?

If you're not answering these questions before you punt then chances are you're not turning a profit.

Formguides.com.au was built by punters, for punters so we know exactly what kind of information you need access to and we know you want it quickly and efficiently.

We have a comprehensive database covering every horse in Australia with full details on all their career starts including track ratings, distance, jockey, trainer, racecourse, weight, barrier, prize money and time between runs.

Best of all access to our entire network is guaranteed to always remain 100 percent free to use.

With complete coverage of all TAB races in the country updated as soon as the information is available formguides.com.au gives you a head start you won't find anywhere else.

When you combine that with the very best range of information and statistics no website ensures you have a better chance of picking a winner this weekend.

Formguides.com.au, dedicated to success.

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